Marvel Superhero Personality Quiz (1)

Marvel Superhero Personality Quiz (1)

What Marvel hero are you? Why don't you find out? Are you Collosus, Wolveriine, Deadpool or Black Panther?

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What would you do with super powers

Protect your country and all who need protection
Use our powers to protect and sometimes help with other things.
Anyone who is bad you will hurt them as bad as they hurt someone else.
Do things for money

If you had to give up your secret identity to save the world would you?

Yes but before leave steathfully
I don't really care about my identity
If i get paid.

What would you rather be.

Stealty and cunning
Agile and Strong
Strong and Sturdy
Insane and Unkillable

A kid is being bullied at school. What do you do?

Sneak up behind the bully and take him down.
Jump on the bully while punching him.
Charge at the bully without any thought.
Nothing unless you get paid

A bomb is ready to go off that will kill thousands of people. What do you do.

Grab the bomb and throw it into the water.
Disable it.
Hit it until it stops beeping
Cut all the wires and blow yourself up.