What Candy Are You?

What Candy Are You?

Take this quiz to see what candy you are Hope you enjoy the quiz!!! :)

published on June 15, 2011137 responses 48 4.2★ / 5

If somebody did something mean to you what would be your revenge?

Stand up and start a fight
Pull a mean Prank
Be nice and maybe they will be nice back
Go tell on the person

If your friend doesn't invite you to her sleepover what do you do?

Don't be friends anymore
Go over to her house and say mean things
Just stay home and find something else to do
Start crying

If your Bff reveals your crush what do you do?

Slap her
Tell her crush that she likes you
Say "Thats ok it just slipped out of your mouth"
Run and Hide

The most popular girl in the grade won Prom Queen for the 5th year in a row what do you do?

Punch her and say time for sombody elses turn
Rip her dress and take the crown from her
Just clap and congrats her
Start crying and yelling that you wanted to win

You adopted a puppie and you know your sister hates puppies what do you do with the dog?

Say your not taking it back
Go put the dog on her bed
Go take it back to the shelter
Hold it and cry and beg for her to like it