will Jeff like you or kill you? (Girl's only)

will Jeff like you or kill you? (Girl's only)

this is a Jeff The Killer quiz AND THERE WILL BE NO PICS BECAUSE I CAN'T BE BOTHERED > : (

published on August 28, 2013130 responses 36 4.6★ / 5

You get up in the middle of the night and see someone trying to enter your house you think it's a Thug that's going to steal your tv and you have a ray of wepons with you pick....?

A knife Cuz I love sharp thing
A spoon cuz it's probably my mum after a night of
My PP gun cuz they HURT
My make-up box that thing is heavy
I would'n go at all
run to the door and stand there

the guy come's in some how and you see that it's Jeff the killer when he see's you he blush's and exit's fast the one thing you think is...?

"He look's so cute when he blush's"
"what was that all about"

The next night the exact same thing happen's but this time you...?

grab him by the wrist and ask him what last night was all about
nothing just let him go
Hug him :D

Jeff look's at you and then kiss's you heavy what do you do?

push him away and spit the taste of Jeff out of your mouth

I have to ask this...how was it

*just stares*