Who is your Vampire Diaries Match

Who is your Vampire Diaries Match

Ever been in love with a TVD sexy Vamp or just a regular human from it find out who your perfect match is... weather a vampire is for you a werewolf is perfection !!!

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What is your favourite Color?

Deep Red
Night Blue
Cream /Orange and Yellow
Blues and Greens

Who would YOU say you are most like from Mystic Falls?

Fiesty and protective but has to get her own way , loves leading but when it comes to sacrafices she'll be selfless
A bit of B**** you will do anything to save yourself trouble , selfish but you do everything for 1 deep feeling withour really knowing it
Elena ,
Bright, Stubborn but very loving used to popularity and fame loves being the centre of attention
Strong , brave and ready to fight shes always on the front line read and waiting to save her loved ones
Bonnie ,
Happy and bubbly , would risk your life for anyone you love and your talents constantly come in handy
Shes very others expectant , selfish and gorgeous but she hides her feelings. Family doesen't meen a pittance she'll use it to get what she wants. She does care once explained she'll see the way to the right thing eventually

Your Dream Date...

A romantic dinner , expensive a good event to wear an designer dress
A beer in a bar and then a drunken kiss
A movie night snuggled at your house then talking into the night
A romantic evening , a passionate kiss then ... you know
a burger at the Grill you don't have much money
A evening together playing poole then a kiss and a drive home .. casual romance

You were dieing it was your final moments would you want...

To be turned into a vampire
A kiss and a promise of love
To be held and then kissed then quickly then running round until you died looking for a elixir
Him to say Goodbye
Nobody to be there because hes so angry hes a werewolf
To be held and hugged until you died

What do you wear most often?

Hoodies and loose items
Black , black jeans , black jackets , black jumpers
Vest tops and summer items you just love to show off your shape
shirts of all colors ... You gotta love Checkered
Bright and significant outfits to make yourself stand out and come across big and powerful
Casual just jeans and a t-shirt your not that bothered

If you were VERY angry how would you handle it?

Turn into a Werewolf
Put your hand through a wall and attack
Get emotional but try and calm down
Try and make life better , suicide or just desperate measures to make yourself enjoy life
Kill a few people!
Shout at the nearest person and force them to leave so you can calm down on your own - VERY loud

Which species would you most like to be?

A D whatever you want Vampire
A Vampire who uses it to block out emotions
Anything but Human
A Vegetarian Vampire

Where is dream destination to live?

Mystic Falls - Thirsty For Danger
A Quiet urban landscape to get alone time with your partner
A busy city so you can fit in
Anywhere as long as I can stay with family and friends there the most important
A place with alot of secluded areas
A densely populated place ... lots of prey

What is your favourite Beverage?

Blood - Of Course!
Tea or Coffee anything to boost my mood
Alcohol to drown my sorrows
Water and Tea are fine but I have to cater my needs sometimes
Beer or a Brew anything manly
Anything , Don't mind don't have enough money for anything fancy

Who do you find most attractive?