Which outsiders charecter are you most like?

Which outsiders charecter are you most like?

who are you (from the best movie ever)? take the quiz and you'll find out

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Pick one!

Gone with the Wind
Mickey mouse
switch blade

What is your Favorite thing to do in your free time?

read/ write or watch movies
watch mickey mouse
who cares? as long as im with my friends
avoid the house and hang out with your freinds

What do you like the best?

rainbows and litterature
cracking jokes
shooting stuff
staying out of the house

What does this mean to you?

"Stay gold"

I promise
what about it? (laugh)
What the heck?
i said that

Who is your fave character?

Ponyboy Curtis
Dally Winston
Johnny "Johnnycake" Cade