What Benjamin Button Character are you?

What Benjamin Button Character are you?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a sad but great movie. Find out what character you are from the amazing film.

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What is love to you?

A life changing experience to change the course of all events.
Something worth fighting for.
When you care for someone more than anyone else in the world.
Sticking together and standing up for each other.

Who do you want to get?

Benjamin Button
Daisy Fuller
Caroline Fuller

What is your job?

Sailing on the seven seas
A ballet teacher
A slave
I don't have a job/ I don't have any of these jobs

In what way are your parents?

I have an adopted mother.
Biological mum and dad.
Same as above.

What is your dream?

To get older already!
To become a famous Ballet Dancer
Of having lots of children and being happy forever
To be successful

Just out of suspicion, are you getting older or younger?

Older. Oh but my dad is getting younger.
Older. My adopted son is getting younger, though.
Older. That is a really weird question.

This isn't racism, but are you black or white skinned?

Black. I'm proud of it.
Very white.
Well, I am golden-white with a peachy tone.

What colour is your hair?


To your parents, you are their...

Adopted child
I actually live with my grandma, I didn't know my parents.
Biological child
I didn't know my parents either