does your cat love you?

does your cat love you?

This quiz is to deterime whether you cat loves you or not. This is based on your cats behavior.

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When your cat plays with toys does he...

play nice and gentle.
ignores his toys.
Rips his toys to shreds.

Does your cat come when he is called?

Yes. Always.
Never. He acts like he can't hear me.
He just glares at me, with a nasty look on his face.

How does you cat react when you get home from work or school?

I never see him when i get home.
He ambushes me every time.
He runs to me and purrs.

Does your cat purr around you?

Yes, all the time
Sometimes only when he wants food
Never only when i hurt myself

Does your cat sleep with you?

Yes. Usually on my face. I wake up gasping for air!
Yes. Next to me purring in my ear.