Are you a dog or a cat? (1)

Are you a dog or a cat? (1)

In this quiz you will find out if you are either a tame kitty or a savage dog, also my friend helped me make this quiz and she will be joining soon so when I get her username please follow her I will post her username on my wall.

published on August 24, 201345 responses 9
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Which one of these have your friends described you as?

Self centered

Whats your favorite food?

MEAT! if I can get it
Anything in bowl or easy to get to
Who cares about food? I just want to know who's at the
Whoever my next victim happens to be.... *creepy music*

Whats your favorite time of day?

Night, so I know where all the members of my "pack" are,
and where they are supposed to be
Mid afternoon so I can take a nap in the sun
Morning so I can bark at the sun for the rest of the day
Dawn and Dusk, when no one can see me coming

What do you do when you see someone coming?

Wait at the door and then give them the Royal sniff down.
You never know!
Who cares about that, you should be paying attention to
Bark as loud and as nosily as I can this is my turf!
Hide, so they can't see me

What do you like to do?

Protect my family, and train for events
Sleep, play, eat, and sleep some more
Sneak around and then go wild

Where is your favorite place?

In my house protecting my family or in my yard playing
Anywhere safe, warm, and with food, for instance my
owners lap
A place with lots of noise and things to bark at
In the middle of a dark jungle -grins evily-