Could You Be My Twin

Could You Be My Twin

Find out if we could be twins from different parents only one way to find out

published on August 23, 201363 responses 12 4.4★ / 5

What Colour would you pick

Pink, Purple, Blue Or Red
Green, Orange, Yellow Or Grey

What Pets Do You Have


If You Could Have A Pet Of Your Pick What Would It Be

Cat Or Fish
Dog Or Rabbit

What Musical Do You Like

High School Musical, Hairspray Or Greece
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Marry Poppins or The sound of music

What Music Do You Like

R&B, Rock Or Bass and Drum
Oldie Music, Country music Or Classic

Fave Food

Meat Food
Veggie Food

Do You Like To Dance, Sing And Act

I Love To Do All Of That
I hate All Of That