Are you a tom boy or a girly girl?

Are you a tom boy or a girly girl?

This quiz is going to be about if you are a tom boy or a girly girl have fun!

published on August 22, 201369 responses 19 3.9★ / 5

Your friends are going to the movies, what movie are you guys going to see?

The One Direction Movie!!!!
Warm Bodies

What is your favorite type of animal?

I love cute little fuzzy animals
I like big animals that are good fighters and that eat

What would you rather be doing with your friends?

Hanging out going to the mall and having sleepovers
Going skateboarding,playing video games at our
houses, and eating junk food

What is your favorite sport?

I hate sports they ruin my hair and make me all
sweaty and stinky
I like soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and
skateboarding they are all so much fun

Last question, would you like to to date the opposite sex

Sure a boy is so cute they are so dreamy
Eww I dont like dating its over rated