what kind of superpower do you have

tells what kind of superpower you have ex. telepathy super speed telekinesis

published on June 12, 201169 responses 13
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if someone is staring at you what would you do?

think that they don't like your outfit and move.
go over and tell them to stop checking you out.
just look/walk away.
sneak away when they arn't looking.

if you woke up stuck on top of a skyscraper what would you do?

use your awsome parkour skills to get down.
think about if anyone saw you stuck up there.
yell at the first suspicios person you see
find a way to stay alive until someone comes

if a friend tells you there parents died yesterday and then tell you their kidding what would you do?

hope nobody saw how convinced you were.
joke about that person from now on.
you would'nt even be near people your a loner.
you don't belive them in the first place.

if someone you never liked started a fight with you what would you do?

hope no law sees you
beat this person silly even though your beside a prison
walk away
get away quikly and easily

if your lost in the woods what do you do?

hope someone finds you before your clothes tatte.r
blame your best friend for not going camping with you.
stay no one cares about you anyway
use your knowlede about forest animals and survive with them.