Do You Enjoy Birthdays?

Do You Enjoy Birthdays?

If it's your birthday are you happy and enjoy being another year older or do you dislike your birthday and hate growing up?

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How old are you?


Do you like cake?


When people sing happy birthday to you, how do you react?

*blushes and is slightly embarrassed*
sing along and look around saying 'whos birthday is it, not mine..'
*Runs and hides*
I smile
I sit emotionless

What would you do for your birthday party?

Big party. invite everyone;D
A couple of close friends to the cinema or something?
Theme park:):) with a few friends
Something unusual that nobody else has done yet

Do you want to be a mature or forever young?

Grown up. Mature
I'll never grow up. YOUNG FOREVER!:D
I wanna look older, but be young inside<3

When you wake up on a morning and you know its your birthday, what do you do?

I get woke up by my family singing happy birthday so happy but a little tired:L:L
Stay asleep, i think i'd just sleep through the day til its over
Scream 'ITS MY BIRTHDAY:)!' at the top of my voice
lock myself in ma room.
Act like its a usual day hoping nobody really notices its ur birthday, i'd get a couple of happy brithdays from my family, no fuss

What'd be your perfect birthday present?

New pet
New phone, laptop -something like that
Money, and lots of it!
I'm fine with nothing..
Guitar, Piano- musical instrument

Would you rather celebrate your own birthday, or someone elses?

Someone elses because i wouldnt have to go through the arrangement of all the party and stuff
Mine, i'll be older
Mine, My party, My presents!
Someone elses, i wont be any older and i wouldnt have to suffer all the happy birthday singing and blerh.