Which Member of The JAM Are You?

Which Member of The JAM Are You?

Find out which of the three members of the late seventies/ early eighties band- The JAM you are most like.

published on August 21, 20131 response 0

Which of these song lists do you like the most?

The Modern World, English Rose, Boy About Town
News of The World, Smithers-Jones, London Traffic
I like all the songs equally, really.

Which of these instruments do you play/ play more than others/ like the most?

Drums, drums and more drums!
Me and my Bass guitar go together like cheese &
Nothing beats the sounds I make on my Rickenbacker

What is your preferred hairstyle?

Short, and maybe even bold at a not so old age.
Frizzy. Quite long and a big top. Might spike it up when
I start to age a bit.
Long with long side bits, show I'm part of the Mod

Do you sing?

I like to do backing vocals and the odd "ah"'s and
Nah, it's not for me
Yeah! Everyone loves my lead vocals with my deep

How do you dress?

Suits mostly. I like loud colors and sometimes even
Boating blazers, sometimes with peculiar hats on
Just casual, but I don't hesitate to put me suit on when
the need arises.

Favorite bands?

Old school- Martha & The Vandellas, Wilson Picket etc.
The Who, Kinks, Beatles, Small Faces, you name it!
Not really fussed. I can stand anything from Steve
Marriot to smooth jazz.

What are you like, socially?

Usually unheard of and spearheaded by other "friends"
Everyone loves me!
I'm a good laugh and talkative, but don't really ask for
or gain a lot of attention.

Where's your favourite location?

London- Surrey -But Woking is my heart and soul!
Brighton is the place!
I'm just a general big lover of Britain

Which of these traits mostly applies to you?

I'm a twin
I have had lots of relationships and/or children
I wear glasses
I don't ever get the credit I deserve
I have lots of nicknames
Nothing, I'm not really unique or memorable

Who is your favorite member of The JAM?