What kind of family member are you

What kind of family member are you

You describe youreself how are you bad,good or sometimes and bad and good

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Your mom asks you to wash the dishes and youre playing or watching youre favorite movie so you

go wash the dishes and then play or see movies
first see the movie or play and then wash the dishes
not doing this dishes mom

Youre brother hits you with a toy and you

Become angry and kick him out
Say its ok
Go mad to him but dont hit him

Youre dad says you need to clean youre room but youre in iPad/iPhone/iPod and you

dont do it
do it
first play and then clean it

you asked youre sister to clean the room and she didnt you

go mad and kick her out
clean it by youreself
just leave it like that and ask her again to do it

Youre invited in a party youre family dont let you go and you

go and dont ask them
dont go because they dont let you go
you got till the middle of the road and come back to
the house