Do you love youre Best friend

Do you love youre Best friend

this is the test to know if you are a best friend or not if u are congratz...

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When youre best friend is bulled what do you do

Tell a teacher or her parents
walk and be like u didnt see or hear nothing
go and keep her up

If she has problem with somebody..You

Share it to everybody
Keep it secret and try to be honlest with them

Your best friend is inviting you in a party but you cant go..You

Call her/him and tell you cant go then u buy a surprise
to him/her and take it tomorow to her house
Dont call her and be like you didnt want to go or lie

your best friend loves you and follows you in twitter/instagram/qfeast and you

follow her
unfollow her

You are playing with youre cousin and is the middle of the game youre best friend comes and asks you can i play..YOU

Say yes
Say no
Say maybe next time