Your Camp Half Blood Love Life! (Part 3)

Your Camp Half Blood Love Life! (Part 3)

So I know I haven't done a Pjo/HoO related quiz lately so i decided to do a part 3 to the whole love life thing! hope you guys enjoyyy!!!!

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So your back at Camp Half Blood and its your first day back at camp. You go to your cabin and unpack yourself then you run off to lunch. You can't wait to see:

Leo. You've missed how much he makes you laugh
until you can't breathe.
Frank. He's so sweet and considerate.
Percy. He always cheers up and make you laugh and
feel special.
Jason. He always protects your feelings.
Nico. He's silent but is just cute in that shy kind of
Luke. Just a funny guy trying to be a good friend at

So you sit down with Frank and you guys start talking about your schedule's and you only have a few classes together. He looks concerned but then tries to fake it with a smile. You smile back but think:

*Its okay. we don't have to be together all the time
right? I really don't think he likes me that much
*Note to self: hastle Chiron about it and threaten
him with something until he agrees to change your
schedule according to Franks.*
*Thats a real shame. Frank's such a cool guy. At
least we still have a few classes together!*
*Im totally ok with this. Don't really like Frank as
much... Hes kinda clumsy*
*Too bad. Oh well*
*Frank is a good kid. Too bad about the whole
schedule thing. Things don't always work out.*

You get up after lunch and go to the big house to talk to Chiron. Apparently, you have to show a new camper around. They seem cheery and in good spirits so you lead them around and dhow them the cabins and where everything is. Then they ask if they could go to the bathroom. You wait outside for them and see Jason and Piper walking and holding hands. What do you think?

*meh. whatever don't really care*
*OMG OMG OMG!! hes SOOOO hot!! when will she
give him up!*
*Ok so ill have my camper distract piper then ill
pummel jason and chase him into the ocean!!!!*
*They spend too much time together. its
uncomfortable. I mean sure annabeth and percy do
too but its just awkward with piper an jason*
*Wish they would spend a little more time with
others and not just themselves...*

Your camper is dismissed and you go off to dinner and sit with Annabeth and Piper. They're talking about the capture the flag game after dinner. You are so excited. You really wanna be on a team with someone who...?

Is an amazing fighter and will always be loyal to you.
And will fight like a total killer.
Will be a leader.
Will fight and always disappear and re-apear kicking
Will fight with great skill and cunning strategy.
Will fight them. Fight them hard.
Someone who is willing to be anything.

So turns out your on the same team as jason. He tells you that you and him are going to go get the flag. He rushes off and you follow. What are you thinking right about now?

Jasons a great guy. So glad he chose me to go get
the flag with him.
This guy scares me. I hope he just doesn't zap me.
I'll go along with this only because im gonna cut him
with my sword while he's not looking and say it was
the other team!!! muahahaha
Omg Omg I luv him so much. i bet he'll protect me
and keep me safe. Such a cutey and a great leader.
Yeah ok i'll just go with you. Not that you really care

So you end up winning and you go back to your cabin and change because theirs a dance and you change into..?

A black leather jacket. Just because you have to go
doesn't mean you have to engage in the whole
dancing thing. (Me: uh... you kinda have to... ITS A
Some skinny jeans and a tee shirt, maybe tank top.
Free lance baby!!
A shirt that says "IM ON FIRE!!!" and some shorty
Some bermuda shorts and a hoodie. This isn't prom
or anything.
Shorty shorts and and blue superman crop top.
a nice dress. You don't care if people stare. You are
always dressed to impress.

So your favorite song comes on and what are you doing?

kinda dancing in the corner.
Dancing like nobodies watching!
Sorta slow dancing with a certain guy... (Me: ITS NOT
Sitting on the wall watching everyone else and
feeling ashamed and embarrassed.
Parting and talking with your friends and laughing
about inside jokes.
Rockin out!!!

leo walks over to you and asks if you wanna dance. he smiles at you as if he really likes you and is kinda into you. What do you say? (me: there is an obvious answer and it rhymes with BELL YEA)

Sure why not! Lets do this!
YESSSS!!!! and you whisper marry me. And you guys
start rocking out!
I guess.
Ummm.. I have to go to the bathroom.. hehe
Ok. lets go.
PARTAY!!! LE GO!!!! your da bomb.

You go home after the dance and go to sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night when you here a ruckus outside the cabins. You throw on some shoes, grab a blanket and run outside to join the mob. Apparently there was an attack and Nico was injured. What do you do/ think?

Oh My Gosh! I hope he's ok. I have to visit him first
thing in the morning. Ill even lead the search to find
the monster. Anything to help a friend who needs
Oh wow. i hope Nico's ok. i wonder if hazel's ok?
Holy Hera!!! Hope he's ok.
Woah! I should check on the kid see if he's alright.
Omg omg Omg!! my baby's hurt. i will end that
monster before he even has a chance to scream!
nobody hurts Nico without getting it from me!!!
Eh. hope he's ok. But whatever. never really like him
anyways. Too shady and he doesn't really do much.

You wake up the next morning and go over to the infirmary to check on Nico. You see Percy their and he looks really sad and is red faced. You walk over to him and he tries to smile but looks like he's about to cry. He was really good friends with Nico. Their cousins but practically brothers. What do you do?

say "Im so sorry man" and give him a pat on the
Sit next to Percy and cry with him. You can't loose
Nico. You love him too much.
Say "Hey man sorry bout Nico hope you guys feel
better." and walk away. You don't really like either of
them but wanted to do the honorable thing.
Hug percy tight and say "Its ok. he's gonna be find.
It'll be ok." ad give him a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Im so sorry. If I can help just let me know man."
Give percy a quick hug. "It'll be all good. just call if
you need me."

On your way out you run into Luke and he seems shaken. He tells you that there's someone here to see you. You run to the big house and open the door. It's Thalia. What are you thinking right about now?

*Wha..what is she doing here?*
*why would a girl like her wanna see me?*

Thalia wants to go on a quest with you. She needs one more person to come with you guys. Who are you thinking about bringing?

Leo. I know they've never met but maybe it'll be good for him!?
Nico. just. Nico.
Luke. t would be great for them too get back together...and i think he has a thing for her!
Percy. they were old childhood friends and even went on a quest together!
Frank. I think it would be cool if he met more people.
Jason. I mean they are siblings! Doi!!!

You tell her you'll thin about it and you go back to your cabin to take a nap. It's been really crazy these first few days. You plop on your bed and dream about..?

Thalia's quest. You're so excited.
Meeting your godly parent.
Having a party with your friends.
Your sister.
Your mom.