What Dark Forest character are you?

What Dark Forest character are you?

My quiz is about Dark Forest warriors but if you like Starclan more then this you don't have to take the quiz

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A apprentice finds out that your a Dark Forest warrior what do you do?

I'll take him/her to see Tigerstar he would know
what to do with them
Train him/her my way so they could become one of
Train him/her in the Dark Forest each night so they could become stronger and destroy their clan
Train them and then one day see if they have learned hard and if they could kill me again they are truly one of us
See if they are good at fighting and then talk to the other Dark Forest warriors
See if they are worthy enough and if they aren't I will fight them to the death

What is your favorite fighting skill?

I love to use my claws since they are so long
Ambushing is what I'm best at so thats my best skill
Trickery is what I do best
Train someone and then I will fight them till the very end
Slamming my opponents to the ground knocking them out
Using my teeth and my claws to fight anyone that messes with me

Who is your worst enemy

Crookedstar he tried to destroy me
Bluestar, Firestar, and Lionblaze they all have tried to kill me and ruined my plans
Yellowfang she tried to destroy me
Bluestar she became deputy instead of me
Firestar he killed me when I was trying to help my half brother Brambleclaw
Firestar he destroyed Tigerstar so I hate him

Who are your parents

Poppydawn and Adderfang
Leopardfoot and Pinestar
Raggedstar and Yellowfang
Parents are unknown
Doesn't say who my parents
Tigerstar and Sasha

Ok last question what are you going to do after this

Go plot out evil plans with Tigerstar
Train and find some new recruits in their dreams
Walk around in peoples dreams
Figure out evil things we could do
Train harder and harder then before
Plot with Tigerstar