Are you the Best BFF?

Are you the Best BFF?

Let's see if your friends are lucky enough to have you as a best friend.

published on August 21, 201349 responses 9
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Your mom says that you can go to the mall. You:

call your friend immediatley
go to call your but decide to spend quality time with
your mom
call my friend"What" why would I ever do that

Your friend comes over. You:

do whatever she wants
do mostly what she wants
do nothing she wants

You go to a friends house. You:

Knock then enter
Knock and wait for them to come to the door
Just walk right in

Your friends come over for a sleep over. You want to watch dolphin tale, they wants to play Apples to Apples. You:

Play Apples to Apples and then watch Dolphin Tale
Just watch Dolphin tale
Play Apples to Apples

You are at school your friend is getting bullied. You:

Go get a teacher
Stand up for her
Just let it go and pretend you didn't see it happen

How many times a day do you interrupt/tell your friend to stop talking?


Your friend invites you to her birthday party from 12 to 5. You have something at 4. You:

Go to the party from 12-4
Get her a present and give it to her the day before the party
Don't go to the party she'll have another one

Your friend sends you 300 texts a day you don't like it. You:

Ask her politely to just send less of them
Ask her politely to please stop sending texts
Tell her to stop sending texts