Who are you like from the book Survivors?

Who are you like from the book Survivors?

This is going to be a quiz about the new series of books called Survivors

published on August 20, 201333 responses 8
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What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to order people around and tell them what to
I like to take a dip in the river and swim around and
have some fun
I love to run and listen to my Alpha
I like to hang with the Leashed Dogs and help them out in anyway I can
Helping out the Pack its really good because I want to learn how to be a Pack Leader

There is a storm going on what to do you do?

Order my pack what to do and boss them around to be prepared for this storm
Listen to my Alpha and do anything I can to help out
Help out the Leashed Dogs so they won't be afraid of this storm
Listen to Lucky he knows what to do and he can help us out
Watch and learn maybe this will help me become a good Pack leader

You have had good luck hunting today how many pieces of food do you bring back to your Pack

None I don't ever go hunting I order the patrols
Lots and lots and lots of food I am a great hunter.
I bring back quite amount of food I am pretty good at hunting for food
I usually bring back fish since I love the river so much
As much as I can I need to help out the pack

How do you help out your Pack?

By hunting that way we have enough food to survive
Swimming I make sure that the river hardly ever gets flood and if starts to go back and warn my pack
Ordering people around I make sure the Pack is always organized
Checking the borders I want to make sure no strange dogs come into our territory
Learning wisdom is a great and powerful weapon

Ok this is the last question what did you think of this test

I really don't care I need to get back to ordering people around
Great it was a good use of my time and I enjoyed it
It was ok but I would prefer to check the borders
I loved it thanks can't wait to go swimming
A total waste of time do you know how much prey I missed