What car are u?

What car are u?

Roleplay stuff to see which car fits your personality! A Volvo, Mazda, Let's see!

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Ooh. Your crush asks you out. On the way to your date, The car crashes into a cow. The grumpy old grandpa comes out. You- say-

No, Oldie! I'd never date your cow," and splash your convertible into a stream!
Turn to your boyfriend. "Drive us away from that cow,"
Um... I apologize, Old lady, but it's kinda weird you left the gate door open."

What book series are you reading?

Percy Jackson (and the Olympians)
Harry Potter?
Other answer

What quote do you like?

"Be the best car ever, better then all the rest!"
"Be respectful, change the world!"
None. Of. The. Above

Thanksgiving or jolly old Christmas?

Tots Thanksgiving!
Tots C! I'm already humming Jingle Bell Rock!

A car nearly bumps into you. You-

Call them "Jerks!"
Call, "Be more careful in the future!"
Go out to see the damage done to your car.