What's your perfect job? (1)

What's your perfect job? (1)

Here, you can find out what your dream job should be. A baker, an author, a vet, an artist or an actor! It's fun! Dedicated to my friends who are new to qfeast @cakey2002 and @UnGelatinJelly. ENJOY!

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What's your favourite lesson at school?

Creative writing

What's your favourite hobby?

Going outside to do sport!

Your ideal birthday present would be...

An amazing cookbook, full of great recipes!
A shiny signed football
A perfectly gorgeous marbled notebook!
2 tickets to watch an amazing drama...and you could be
on the stage!
A box full of art supplies!

It's your little cousins birthday party coming up, so you...

Write a story, and read it to them!
Play games with them the whole time!
Make a big birthday card and present, especially for
Bake some tasty treats to take!
Make up little kids play with your friends, and act it out
in front of them

Your motto is...

Keep Calm and Carry On Doodling
Keep Calm and Kick a Football
Keep Calm and be a Drama Queen
Keep Calm and Carry On Writing
Keep Calm and Carry on Baking

Your favourite place to shop is...

Lakeland and other cook shops!
WHSmiths, it's got stationary AND books!
An art store...any art store!
Darling, a clothes shop!

Do you have a big imagination?

YES! I love to make things up, and imagine stuff!
Yeah, but I like to stick to reality a little bit as well...
When it comes to cooking, I love to experiment!
I can be a real drama queen...is that an imagination

Final question: What's your dream?

To star in a movie!
To be the next David Beckham!
To get my work published!
To paint famous pictures!
To run a bakers shop?