Which one of my friends are you (1)

Which one of my friends are you (1)

i saw about one million people do this.. so i guess i'll do this as my second quiz so enjoy

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What's your favorite color

Pink and red
Orange, or teel i can't choose

what is your favorite anime

Hetalia!!!! ;)
Soul eater!
Vocaloid, even though it's not an anime....

What creepy pasta is your favorite

Lost silver
Jeff the killer
I can't choose between Jeff or Slender

okay now for the more , fun questions, what would you do if you were bullied

Silently walk away and find a teacher
Ignore them, bullies don't have lives
I never get bullied

What book or book series is your favorite

I like the first book of the hunger games, the rest of it got boring
I've read half of the warriors, it's good, but i like a lot of good books i can't choose a fovorite
Reading is for chumps... kidding, but i don't have a favorite

so... boys

i guess i have a crush, so what
hmm... over 50 like me... and i have a crush on 5, one of them is my boyfriend
who needs boys when all they d is bully you... okay but one of them likes me big deal

what animal

hmmm... dinosaursur
birds and ducks

what happens when a irl comes up to you and says this "okay this is weird so i'm going to say it fast... (breah) iloveyousomuchcanyoubemygirlfriendlikeomg#lolbff

can you repeat that?
... wtf?
I love you too random girl!!! now get away from me or i will cut you

Whats your favorite subject out of these

hmm... like math but i also like lunch....

Who do you think you would get

Awesome one, loves jeff, birds and ducks, writing
smart one, loves slendy, cats, science
leader one, loves lost silver, dinosaur, math, and likes sissors