What Girl Are You Looking For

What Girl Are You Looking For

Find Out What Kind Of Woman Suits You and See If You Get The Right One For You!

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How Important Are Looks?

Looks Are All That Matter Personality Is Not Important At All
Looks Are Very Important And Personality Is Still Important But Not As Important As Looks
Personality Comes First, Looks Come As A Bonus
Personality is all That Matters
Both Are Equal Ammounts
It's All About How She Looks and How Much Money I Own My Self, Personality in Both People

Who Is Your Favorite Artist On Your Ipod

The Beatles
The Beach Boys
Jessie J
The B52's
Cee Lo Green
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Daft Punk

What Type of Movies Do You Like?

All Movies
Sci Fi
Kids Cartoons

What Size Of Boobs Do You Like?


What Is The First Thing You Do When You See A Woman?

Touch Her Boobs
Take Off All Your Clothes
Tell He She Is Pretty
Throw Dirt In Her Face
Talk About Politics
Look At Her In The Eyes
Kiss Her
Hit Her Real Hard
Talk About Sex
Treat Her Like Any Stranger
Open THe Door For Her

What Colour Is Your Hair?

I'm A Blondie
I Have Black Hair with Brown Streaks
I Have Black Hair With Dark Brown Hairs
I Am Blonde But I Don't Have Blue Eyes
I Am Really Light Blonde With Blue Eyes
I Am Ginger
I Am Black = I Have Black Hair
I Have Black Hair
I Am Strawberry Blonde
I Am Asian = I Have Black Hair
I Have Proper Red Hair
I Am Arabic = I Have Black Hair
I Have Black Hair But It Is Curly

What House Jobs Would You Do?

Looking After The Children
Looking After Money
None Of Them My Girlfriend Has To Do All Of Them
All of Above

What Do You Like To Eat For Breakfast?

Crisps or Salted Popcorn
Ham Egg and Chips
McDonalds Food
KFC Food
Fruit Salad
Chinese Food

What Job Do You Have?

I Don't Have One, I'm Broke
I Am A Lawyer
I Am A Buisnessman
I Am A Doctor
I Am A Policeman
I Am A Zoo Keeper
I Am A Lion Tamer
I Am An Actor
I Don't Have A Job But I Am Still Very Wealthy
A Famous Politican
A Security Guard

Bonus: Are You A Nice Person?

Well Nice At Times (Not When Moody)
Only If It's My Lucky Day Or A Special Occasion
I Am A Very Mean Horrid Person
I Don't Want You To F**kin Know!
When I Am Happy
I Am A Very Nice Person
I Have Moments But On The Whole I'm Very Nice
I Swear I Don't Care About Her!
As Long As I Got My Suit and Tie Yes It's ok coz It's All Fine
I Am A Mean Guy But I Am Good With A Girl
I Don't Like White Girls And I Will Turn Mean With One

Where Is Your Favorite Place To Go On A Honeymoon?

Former Yugoslavia (Incloudes: Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia)
Hong Kong