My Plan Of Attack (:

My Plan Of Attack (:

Okay, so Cole dumped me... the reason is not important. (I didn't wanna date during summer cuz ya know that's party season!) So I have decided to go after Matt. (No way am I going back to Cole...ever). So it'd be helpful if you'd tell me what you think about some of my suggestions on how to get Matt interested for next year. THANK YOU!

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Matt has a girlfriend...
(She's pretty, but her personality isn't that great.)

Doesn't mean you can't flirt with him!
Stop acting like an animal! Be curtious and wait for him to break up with her before you start making your moves!
I understand he has a girl, but he doesn't REALLY like her... so, go for him!

Matt thinks I have low self-asteem.

Doesn't everybody? Don't think much about it.
OoOo, big hit on how he thinks about you. That ain't good.

Matt and I don't really know about eachother that much.

You know he doesn't like scary movies or clowns, and he knows you don't like clowns and you can sing. I SAY GO FOR IT!
Find out more before you start flirting with him.
OoOo, sux. That's bad!

Matt always stares at me.

He's totally interested.
That's cuz he's staring at the chick next to you.
That's cuz ur staring at him.
You're talking to him! Would you rather he stare at your boobs?

From my other quizzes concerning Matthew, do you think I should go after him?

I don't know

Will you please comment? (I don't care if it's pointers or even a dis on me)

Yes, I'll give you some pointers on how to start ur relationship with him!
Yes, but only to dis on you! HAHAHAHAHAA
No, I don't have anything, BUT A BUTT LOAD OF DISSES!
No, I don't have anything to say