Are you right for Justin Bieber?

Are you right for Justin Bieber?

Everyones so obsessed with being Justin's girlfriend. But they dont even know if there his type of girl . Take this quiz and find out now , if you can be Justin's dream girl ?

published on June 09, 2011126 responses 33 4.2★ / 5

What would you describe yourself as in 2 words ?

pretty / down to earth
nice smile/ sporty
cool / all that

Whats your favorite song by Justin and why?

Kiss and Tell ! its such a fun song that he expresses his feelings in.
Down to earth . Its such a sweet loving song<33
I dont listen to his music that much , but a cool song is One time.

Whats your dream boy ?

a boy who can be himself around me , and whos not shy to admitt that im his girlfriend(:
I like the skater dudes ;)
a hot kid , that loves me . <33

What are you interested in ?

dance andd i like watching hockeyy !!
basketball <33
Cheerleadingg , im greatt at that!!

Whats your favorite color & why ?

blue (: its a cool colorr!
purple! its a great color <33
pinkk (; its a really pretty color .

Whats your "daily" outfits?

Jeans andd a nice shirtt<33
sweatpants & tanks !
frilly skirts , ( always pink) and pretty blouses .

Can you be yourself around him?

Not totally myself , but i feel i can always be honest and true with him.
yes , he should like me for me <33

What would you expect from him the first time you see him everyday?

a smooch!! <33
a hows your day andd a hugg <33
a heyllo andd a hugg & kiss (:

Are you pretty ? * rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 *

Well , im not sure ... maybe an 8 <33
eh , maybe a 6 (:
way over 10 - maybee likee 183902184-03

Readyy ?

yess !
yesssssssssssssssssssssss <3