What LOTR Race are you?

What LOTR Race are you?

A hearty dwarf? An elegant elf? A proud man? From J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, I bring you this quiz.

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A man you have never seen before is knocking on your door, what do you do?

Go away, I'm not home!
Confront him, if he wants trouble, I'll give him
I'll think about it.
Politely answer it, though reluctant.

At the shop, you find a book of elven charms, a sword, and some new china you seem to need. You only have enough money to buy one, so what do you pick?

Sword, duh!
The book of charms seems pretty interesting.
I do need some lovely china...
I'll conserve my money for the next thing to buy.

How embarrassing! During a party, you manage to sneeze in the mashed potatoes!

Oops. Bless me.
Oh, dear, excuse me!
Did anyone notice?
Laugh heartily, then continue.

Your younger sibling is being harassed by someone bigger than you are. How do you react?

Hey! Only I can beat up my brother!
Give your younger sibling fighting tactics.
Move over sis, I'll teach this guy a lesson!
Try not to look or get involved. Maybe you'll tell someone bigger.

What is your favorite animal and why?

I like turtles, they're so gentle.
The majestic eagle is one of my favorites.
Dragons are awesome!
A rabbit is just my type.

Late for class again, oh no! What do you do?

Book it, man! My life depends on it.
I'll get a tardy slip and face the consequences.
Perhaps I can get away with it.
Come up with a plan to save the day.

What's the greatest way to say sorry about something in your opinion?

Promise to take them for a drink.
Bake an apology cake.
Look them in the eye, and see if you can say sorry.
Wait until they recover fully first, then I'll decide.

If you are frightened by a close friend or family member, how do you react?

Please stop!
What, I wasn't scared, what are you talking about?
We can all agree you shouldn't do that anymore!

How many grapes can you stuff into your mouth?

12, working on 27.
Is this a trick question?
I prefer to just eat one at a time.

You are ordered to raid a castle. Think fast!

Wait, what?
Attack pattern Delta!
Bring it DOWN.
Let's not do this.

Are you a kind person?

Nobody knows.
Uh... I think so.
That is not for me to decide.

Who do you think you are?