Meeting Zim.

Meeting Zim.

This is an easy quiz that determines if you are a sibling, parent, relative, or someone Zim really hates. Enjoy filthy humans! 83

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(Opens door) (Zim) Ehh.... Who are you and what are you doing at my house FILTHY HUMAN?!
(Tal) Oh hi. Zim this is someone you might know.
(Zim) Yes yes that's very nice Tal BYE!!! (tries to shut the door)
(Tal) Oh no you don't Zim. (pushes door back open)
(Zim) Fine -.-'
(Tal) Alright human. Here's how this works. We are going to ask you a few questions. Zim might know you, and he might not. Be careful. Your answers will lead you...
(Tal) ... Guess you could say that. ^_^' Anyway... lets start. Where do you live?

Well, I just got here so I don't really have a place to stay.
(Zim) What a strange looking animal. He almost looks like Gir.
Umm... Just across the street?
Up the sky a bit.
Just down the road a little.

(Tal) Okay. Where is your home planet?

(looks both ways to see if anyone is watching and whispers)
umm... Could you repeat that?
Lets just say we live on the same planet you do.
Why pester me with stupid questions fellow humans?

(Tal) What kind of Sir (or Gir) unit do you have?

Sir unit?
I wasn't sent with one therefore this question is ridiculous.
We have a couple cats.
Mine is a German Shepherd.

(Tal) Alright. Viz is going to ask the next few questions. ... Zim where's Viz?
(Zim) ... OH! He went on a test run with his ... Dog.
(Tal) Oh. Well where's Zan then?
(Zim) He's not busy.
(Tal) Okay I'll go get him. You ask some questions for now.
(Zim) Oh goodie. -.- Where is our home planet?

uhh.... Not far away from planet Earth?
*points upward like Gir did*
Lets just say I can't answer that question because you might
be "real" humans.
Any better questions yet? (Zim) Rude little Earthanoid.

(Tal) I found Zan.
(Zim) Perfect. Now I can stop questioning from my superiority.
(Zan) Okay... whoever you are. What color are your eyes?

Lets just say they're a redish brown.
... does hazel count? (Zim mutters to himself)
Blue with snowy blue corners.
Why does it matter? (Zan) ANSWER MAH QUESTION! (you)
Alright alright they're orange gees.

(Zan) What does your disguise look like? (Zim) IF YOU EVEN HAVE ONE FILTHY HUMAN!

Disguise? Wait we need those?
Well a human of course. Gotta blend in someday.
Occasionally a cat.
I'm disguised as a dog often.

(Zan) Alright. What race are you?

Lets just say this. I am the same as you.
Umm... NOT AN EARTHLING OF COURSE!!! ':3 (Zim mutters)
Yea right.
This is a moronic question therefore I will not answer it.
I'm the same as you fellow irken.

(Zan) Last question. How did you know where to find our home?
(Zim) Nobody knows where we live other than those filthy Dib and little Gaz humans. STINKING HUMANS! THEY COME UPON ZIM WITH CONSTANT SLANDER!!!! >8U
(Zan) Calm down Zim. They aren't here right now.

Umm... That guy down the street? What's his face? (Zim
mutters) That filthy Dib is bringing more humans to our
Boring question. I won't bother.
I knew where Zim lived by that Tak girl. (Zim) She tried to
take my mission you know! (Zan) Zim chill out.
Tal told me where to find you.