Which JoJo Character are You? (1)

Which JoJo Character are You? (1)

Find out which JoJo character you are from the following: Jotaro, Joseph, Josuke, Jonathan, Giorno!

published on June 01, 202030 responses 5
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How would you dress?

Something stylish
Something prim and proper
Something more edgy and cool
Something that gets the job done and is
Something to attract the ladies

What is closest to your personality?

Sweet, charming, can get agressive at
Loyal, not someone to easily trust
Playful, funny, jokester
Cold, rude, quiet
Gentleman, nice, caring

Imagine going to Tonio's restaurant. What would you order?

Squid ink pasta
Something Italian, of course
Wait, is Tonio a stand user?
I'll get whatever my friends get or what
sounds tasty!
I'll get anything I know. I don't like

Imagine an invisible baby appears at your doorstep! What do you do?

Take care of it after looking for the
I'm too young to have a child!
I don't want to deal with it. I have more
important things to work on
I will love it and cherish it!
Maybe I'll ask a friend to help me out; I
can't be the only one helping the baby

You're in a fight and about to lose! What do you do?

I'm not losing
I have to say some final words. You
know, try to be heroic
I'll use all my strength I can, I can't lose
without trying
I'm running away! Nothing else I can do
Maybe I can do something that will help
me out?

Who are you fighting for?

My family
My city
My dignity
My friends