Who is your Naruto boyfriend

Who is your Naruto boyfriend

the quiz determines the boy that's best for you from naruto, out of: .Naruto .Sasuke . Kiba .Deidara .Hidan

published on August 16, 2013125 responses 18
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what is your favourite colour (sorry to ask, I hate this question too)

what is your favourite colour (sorry to ask, I hate this question too)
orange and black
the colour of an explosion!
blue and black
black and white
grey and white

what's your favourite food?

Beef jerky!
rice balls.
boiled eggs in surimi.
spare ribs.

role-play time!

yes, I want to role-play, believe it!
ok :D

If Naruto came up to you appearing to be under some power and kissed you, what would you do?

*Pushes him away and beats him to a pulp to show him not to make moves on someone that's stronger than him. Then use chidori to finish him*
*gets your dog to pee on him* ^.^
*makes a spider with your clay put it on him, run then explode it*
*stabs him with your scythe, then kills him so that he suffers a painful death*
*lets him, kisses back*oh my god I love you Naruto, your amazing, stay with me forever! *kisses again* (me: ugh fan girls)

*you are at the cinema with new boyfriend and Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, Deidara ad Hidan come and sit next you and your like (WTF? why are they here?) Hidan picks your boyfriend up and moves him down a row* Naruto: "hi! I though we would move the weirdo guy from next to you and I would replace him want to come to the ramen stall at 3pm tomorrow-with me?"

"sure naruto that's sounds great, we could catch up I really want to speak to you, I want to tell you I really, really, really, really... love you!" <3 *blushes*
"not really I have better things to do and plus I don't like ramen, I like rice balls"
"sorry, I have to make art tomorrow!"
"sure, if I can bring my dog!"
"sorry I cant, I have some killing to do that day" *evil smile*

role-play over!
now one final question, do you like Naruto Uzumaki?

No, I despise him, he is a loser. Always has been always will be a helpless little knuckle-head.
he's ok I guess, if he likes my dog! ^.^
I want to explode him!
I want to kill him, I want the nine tails to give to Tobi.
of course, I like him I love him, I want him to be mine forever! <3