Doing School Personality Evaluation

Doing School Personality Evaluation

The point of this quiz is for you to find out what character from Doing School your most similar to.

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How would you prepare for a test that you have tomorrow?

Don't disturb me, I will be locked in my room studying all night
I'll probably chill with some of my friends and then I'll get down to studying later
Hopefully I will be able to study in between my job shifts

What do you do before going to bed?

Studying right until I go to bed
Play video games and chill with the fam
I will take care of my family

How healthy do you feel?

Severe health problems daily due to sleep deprivation
Not good, taking care of others first is hard

What do you do in your free time?

What's fun?
Play sports and hang out with friends
Dancing and studying my culture

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

2 hours on a good night
A solid 10 hours
6 hours if my family isn't being loud

What are your future goals?

To graduate from an Ivy League and make $500,000 a year
To graduate from a good school and make good money while still having a social life
To make my family proud

What do you think is acceptable for cheating?

Winging it or cutting class the day of to get more studying time
Copying work directly
It is very difficult for me, so sometimes I need to rely on other people

How connected are you to the school administration?

They are my best friends
With some sucking up I've gotten to be pretty close to them
I'm scared to say anything to them

What are your parents opinions on your success in high school?

Anything below an A is despicable
Because of my sibling not being as smart I get away with more
They just want me to do my best and value work more

What is your dream career?

A doctor because of the money
An engineer
A business person