what song are you ?

what song are you ?

take this amazing quiz and find out what song most fits your personality

published on August 14, 201342 responses 9 4.7★ / 5

Will You Listen To The Song You Get And Why ?

Yes To See If It's A Good Party Song
Yes To See If My BF/GF Would Like It
Yes To Recommend It To My Friends
I Dunno

What Do You Think Of School ?

I Hate It What I Love Is The People I Meet Who Throw All The Parties
It's Awful It Feels Endless
It's Okay But My Amazing BF/GF Helps Me Get Through It
Don't Really Like It But My Friends Are Always There For Me

What's Your Favourite Type Of Music Out Of These ?

Pop Songs
Party Songs
Rock Songs
Slow Pop Songs

Are You Single ?

Yes Who Needs It
Yes But My Friends Are Always There For Me
Yes Still
No And I Love Them With All My Heart

Favourite Colour (Out Of These) ? he he he