Do You Truley Love him???

Do You Truley Love him???

DO You Love Him? Do You Want Him By Your Side? Do You Wanna Kiss Him And Show Every Girl That He Is Yours The Sweet Hot Incredible Guy!!!!!!

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Do You Think About Him All The Time? And Never Forget Him?

Yes Right Now I m Thinking About Him!!! It was love at first sight!!!! and thats never happened before!!!!!
( Whistle ) oh wait who???
lalalalalalaalalala wait wat????? oh him!!!!!! wait who!!!!!!!!
i i think about him alright!!!!!! wait think about who???
oh always and always i would never forget about my dog smoo!!!!!!!! oh wait this isnt bout my dog is it??? then who????

when you talk to him do you look him straight into his eyes????

totaly!!!! there are such a gorgeous colour and man he is everything i ever wanted and more!!!!!
oh yh of cause i thinks its blue or maybe brown or maybe even green??? oh i cant remember!!!

do u daydream about him??? in class or when some1s talkin to u???

haaaaa man he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, cute spectaular!!! wait wat?? sorry i was daydreamin
oh um no i dont daydream i only picture things and drift of like i m in another world but i never daydream about him no.

when u read do you miss read the words like u think its nice guy but its nice girl or somethin

yes alot i cant help it i do that alllllll the time ver since i seen him !!!!!
nah i dont read and i dont care bout guys!!!!

do u have a picture of him in ur mind and dream that u will meet again??

yes infact sometimes i even dream he is doin just the same as me and then we finally meet and then we kiss and sparkes fly into internity and stays there forever like u and him!!!!!!!!!
no i lost it obviously not a peice of information that i would keep and no i dont dream bout guys its stupid!!!