What Greek god/goddess are you?

Find out which mythological figure your personality matches best and which one you are most like.

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How do you feel about your hair?

I don't care as long as its not bugging me!
It needs to be brushed lots and is long and beautiful other than that.
As long as I am in charge I really do not care.
It used to be pretty...
It must be pulled back so it will not get in my way.
Wet. I like it wet.
Flames, dead, alive, I really do not care

What is you favorite color?

Red, maybe Black, Brown.
Pink,and purple.
Green, maybe purple.
Blue and green.
Silver, grey, and yellow like the moon.
Black, black, grey, black.

What is your favorite place to be?

The Beach and the water.
A library surrounded by wise people.
With my petssssss
My throne...
Anywhere outside at night.
A dark place with no one else alive.

Favorite sounds?

Wolves howling at the moon.
Death, silence.
The spray of perfume, and clinking of jewelry.
My thoughts.
The ocean, it calms me.
Thunder storms.

How do your eyes look?

They are a deep blue green.
Dark, crazy and scary.
Deep in thought.
Powerful and serious...
That I am pretty duh...
They are full of life and fun like deer...

What is your best quality?

My power.
I am GOING to be powerful.
My beauty
I love the outdoors.