Are You Pretty? (2)

Are You Pretty? (2)

Do people call you beautiful (I mean other than your mom)? Do you believe them (I'm guessing not since you're doing this quiz)? Every person is beautiful in their own unique way but everyone wants to know if they look stunning on the outside to. In this quiz (which is my first) I am going to be as honest as possible and try to make it very realistic. So good luck!

published on August 13, 2013103 responses 36 4.5★ / 5

What do you look like (choose the one that has the most of your features)?

BIG BIG curves, perfect features, actually just complete
Good curves, nice facial feature, taller then usual
Larger curves then usual I believe and pretty facial
I'm completely flat and I have large features
Boyish everything.

What types of dresses would you wear to a party?

Tight, mid-thigh, sleeveless, black with orange stripes
accentuating my perfect body
Tight top, loose handkerchief bottom, black with
lavender bottom, mid-thigh
Somewhat tight, lower-thigh, black, open back with
strings running across
Knee level, covers the shoulders, white lace, black belt
Long sleeves, mid shins, brown with black pinstripes

How often do you feel the need to put on makeup or clothes to make you look even better?

I never leave the house without makeup or snazzy
NEVER, well I do anyway cuz I can always look better
I don't feel like I need too much just a little makeup
I need mascara, lip gloss, eye liner, and foundation but
that's it
Just mascara, lip gloss, and concealer most days

Do you consider yourself beautiful?

I'm pretty but not gorgeous
I get a lo pt of compliments but I don't believe them
I feel ugly unless I'm covered in stunning makeup and
I feel OK and I get some complements

What do you think the test results will be?

Well after looking back at my answers pretty good
Ok like a B
I'm feeling a bit more confident

How many people have told you you're pretty?


What do you think are the two best parts of your body?

I'm thin and have good hips
How can I choose just 2?!
My eyes and my legs
My face and my chest

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see?

I see a star!!!
A human being
A girl, she's kinda cute
Someone who is pretty
A woman who is beautiful

What do you least like about your body?

My giant feet
My big shoulders
My butt
My chest
Like there is any?

Do you see guys staring at you a lot (or girls if you or they are lesbian)?

Well now that you ask yeah a lot
No not ever
Yeah sometimes
Of course!
1-2 maybe 3 I guess