What Birthstone Fairy Are You?

What Birthstone Fairy Are You?

I was and am still bored so ya here you go I made this for you peeps .... ENJOY!

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What is your favorite color?

garnetish brown
light green
dark green
very dark blue
light purple
baby blue
dark purple

What do you do with free time?

I would go to a school and help kids read
I would paint or do something artistic
I would get a job.. I like working for people
I would go on an adventure!
I would be trying to get attention from others.
I would probably be daydreaming
i'd be doing something smart like reading..
hanging with friends, making people laugh, daydreaming
doing some sort of project in the library
talking to people, making friends
being alone near a beautiful lake or even in a secret fort
playing sports, talking to people

Are you popular around school?

not really... im kinda the nerd
yes.. im pretty popular
yes I've had a lot of boyfriends..
no i'm the type that doesn't talk to anyone..
definetly! do you know how many times I've won prom queen.
well not really but I do have a big amount of close friends.
nope.. why would I be?
no im pretty shy.. but I love cracking jokes to people and hanging with friends!
no... I don't have many friends
HECK YA ppl cant stay away from me!
nope.. im a dork..
what do you mean? It doesn't matter to me.. I am nice to everyone..

What would you do if someone was bullying you?

I would try not to cry and get away from those people.
I would cry and run away.
I would ignore them.
I would beat them up. no one bullies me!! >:C
I would ask them why they were bullying me. and then try to make friends with them.
I would cuss them out and make them back off.
I would tell an adult.
I would punch those B*tches! and show them what for.
I would make an awesome comeback and pown those newbs.
I would shed a few tears but make them stop.
I would probably go suicidal (ME: oh my god.. no don't do that!)
I would laugh like it was a joke and walk away.

What month were you born?