what does scarlet witch think of you?

what does scarlet witch think of you?

this quiz will determine what wanda maximoff or scarlet witch thinks of you

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first of all what would your mutant power be?

the power to make anything happen if i concentrate
hard enough. also energy blasts;)
idk summoned swords (hidden devil may cry
ninja skills

you are walking down the street and see the brotherhood fighting against the avengers.
what do you do?

charge up my magical powers and help the good guys however i can!
kill the avengers! ahahaha!
idk keep walking

favorite color


what do you wear when using your powers?

usually a long red leather trenchcoat (dmc)
and a bunch of magic powder bags
blue suit
black battle armor

which side are you on?

good or evil, depends on my sanity level

what is your favorite food

anything romantic
cheeseburgers and fries

favorite weapon

my magic powers
two guns a sword and whatever i can get my hands on (dmc)
ninja weapons

favorite video game

devil may cry
call of duty

wanda : can i finish ? me : sure wanda: do you like strawberry sundaes? (dmc)

hell effin yeah!
theyre okay i guess
fluff no! everyone hates those things

did you read x men when you were young?

i found it extremely fun
it was not so bad.
it sucked