Which Romeo and Juliet character are you?

Choose the response that fits you best to find out which Romeo and Juliet character you are.

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When a conflict between two friends arises, you..

act as a peacekeeper and separate them until they cool down.
cry for them to stop fighting.
assess both sides of the conflict and try to resolve it.
leave their problems to be resolved by themselves.
tell everyone about it.
pick one side and argue furiously for them.

Your ideal companion would be..

out of your way.
a good listener.

When in a situation concerning love, you..

are very loyal.
think it's absurd to sacrifice yourself for someone.
haven't found that someone yet.
are willing to do anything to prove your love.
are too prideful to depend on someone.
are in it for the looks.

When stranded on a desert island, you..

are the first to start gathering leaves and branches to make a shelter.
try to swim back.
wonder if someone's searching for you.
lie on the beach wishing you were back home.
think it is the best thing that happened to you.
blame your friend for it.

When working on a group project, you..

find out what all the other groups are doing.
wait until everyone tells you what to do.
come up with the most creative ideas.
tell everyone what to do.
come up with the easiest and fastest way to finish it.
can't make up your mind.