Which Out Series Character are You?

Which Out Series Character are You?

This is a FanFiction story. It's not a published series. Based on the personalities of six characters.

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Which of these personality traits best fits you?


You embarrassed yourself in public. What happened?

You tripped over your own feet and fell.
You got tongue-tied and couldn't get the words out.
Someone put you in your place.
You're embarrassed by most of everything.
You don't usually get embarrassed.
Someone said the way you dressed was childish.

What's the worst insult you've ever gotten?

Someone said you whined a lot.
Someone called you a freak.
Someone called you clumsy.
Someone insulted you for who you love.
Someone insulted your hair.
You get insulted every day and can't decide which is worse.

How close are you to your parents?

Very close but still distant enough that they don't know everything about you.
Your parents kicked you out.
Your parents are your best friends. They know everything about you and sometimes embarrass you but you love them no matter what.
You don't know your mom and you hate your dad. You want a different family.
You don't know anything about your parents.
Your parents died.

What is your ideal career?

Singing... or something with fashion.
You have no idea... you're not very brave when it comes to deciding on a career.
A painter... that's what you've always wanted.
You like to write, and you're a pretty good artist.
You're not sure. You're pretty smart, so you're not that limited.
A dancer.

Do you like yourself?

You hope so! You think you're a very likeable person.
On some days. You resent some stuff you did in the past, but you think you're a better person.
Somewhat. You think what you do for a hobby is cool, but you're not sure about your personality. You could be friendlier.
No... not really.
You guess? You have your good days and your bad days.
There are some things you wish you had done differently, but you don't think you're a horrible person.

If you could have one of these things, which would it be?

A teddy bear from your childhood.
Old family photos and movies.
A locket necklace with a picture of your true love in it.
Someone to love you.
A nice family... or a closet full of pretty clothes.
A paintbrush for your hobby.

If you got in trouble for something, what would it be for?

Buying too much at the mall.
Getting into a fight.
Being sarcastic and someone thinking it was rude.
You're usually responsible and try not to get in trouble.
You got caught with drugs.
Your parents got upset because you snuck out.

What personality trait do you hate most in other people?


If you fell in love, what would you want your guy to be like?

Someone who would love you and care for you. It'd be nice to be romanced, too, but you're happy with a hug and kiss goodnight.
Someone who understands that you're not perfect, and is sweet and kind.
Someone who expects you to be awkward and make mistakes.
Someone who is strong and independent, but still wants you to hold his hand sometimes.
Someone who will always approach you first and doesn't need constant reassuring of your love.
Someone who can take care of himself and gives you space, but is still dependent on you.

What would you want for a romantic gift?

You would be happy with anything, but you always hope for something sweet like flowers or a ring.
You would be okay with any gift as long as it was from him.
You would be fine either way if he got you something or didn't. You don't expect much.
All you want is him. You don't need gifts.
You don't want anything from him.
You don't care about gifts. They sound nice, but you don't really mind if he doesn't give you one.

What would you want your first date to be like?

Dating sounds awkward... you don't think you'd like it.
Something simple, like a trip to a coffee shop.
Something sweet and quiet, like a picnic under a tree.
A fancy restaurant and a kiss goodnight.
Just talking to figure each other out... you don't care where.
Go to a club but then don't consider it a date.

Where can you usually be found?

Near your parents
In the living room with your family
In a shopping mall
Near the one you love
In a club
In your room, working on a hobby

If you won $1,000,000, what would you do with it?

You'd save it for something important, like buying a house or using it for a wedding.
You'd fall in love with something at the mall and buy it, but you'd use some of it to buy gifts for others.
You'd be practical and invest in things you could use for your hobby or career.
You'd use it to get out of your house and away from your family.
You're not sure. That much money sounds like a lot of stress... you'd probably give it to someone else.
You'd try to save it, but you'd probably give some to the first person who asked for it.

What would you want to do?

Be a better person
Get over your past
You're content with what you have
Finally leave your house and go explore the world
Get away from your family
Turn your hobby into a career and finally get noticed

What do you regret?

Falling for someone else's traps
Not staying with your childhood friends
Letting the one you love go
Not saying "I love you" enough
Hurting the ones you love
Fighting with your parents

What is the first thing people notice about you?

Your good looks
Your frizzy hair
Your awkward lip biting
Your intimidating glare
Your smile
You don't really get noticed

What scares you the most?

Losing the ones you love.
Hurting the ones you love.
Not being with the ones you love.
Having your heart broken.
Losing control of your life.
Making your parents hate you.

What did you like to do as a child?

You read fairytales.
You didn't do much as a child.
You can't remember your childhood... at all.
You visited friends.
You probably did something with a hobby.
You liked being with your parents.

What is your happily ever after?

You want to be happy no matter what
You want to get over your past and be a better person
You want to get away from a bad past and be happy
You want to be happy with your family, especially your parents
You want to keep your loved ones in your heart and mind, no matter if they're with you or not
You want everyone to be happy no matter what