What warrior cat are you..are you good or bad??

What warrior cat are you..are you good or bad??

Come try the quiz..u may like it :) are you loyal and kind or fierce and proud?

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If your clan is being attacked and your best friend is killed..what do you do?

Kill all cats who are causing your clan trouble.
Stay loyal to the warrior code and fight harder
Give up

Your clan lost a battle and your leader tells the clan to retreat..what do you do?

Listen to your leader and retreat
Launch at the nearest warrior and just fight harder and say we can win.
Ignore your leader and launch at your leader.

Your leader has fallen to the ground and can't get up.now is your chance to kill him if you want to be leader. What do you do?

Smile and kill your leader
Help him up and protect him as you are getting him to safety

Your mate is in a different clan and you meet her in battle and your leader is watching you as he is fighting.what do you do.

Admit you broke the warrior code and that she is your mate.
Fight her as gently as you can..even though you know your leader will know if you are not trying.
Fight her,you can't see her anymore..She does not matter.
Run away because now you see yours and her kits watching. And your leader is watching confused.you will be talked to later.
you do nothing. Though your your leader is watching confused. You will be talked to later

If your leader is on their last life,and they are cornered,what do you do?

Watch your leader die.
Help your leader and attack those cats
Jump out and help kill your leader.