Are you perfect?

Are you perfect?

This quiz is to see if you are too nice, kind, mean, or perfect! :) have fun

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If Minnie falls down in the hall, what do you do?

Laugh and take pictures! Duh this is going on
your blog!
You help her up and carry her books to the office,
and then to her class.
Help her and make sure she is ok.
Ask if she is alright, then walk away.

You and you're best friend both like the same guy! What do you do?

Tell her to BACK OFF he likes you and you know it!
Let her have the guy. There are a lot of fish in the sea!
Stay tight! There's a good chance he doesn't like either of you.
Ill pretend to back away but ill secretly like him

Your bestie can't find her lipgloss right before a party! What do you do?

To bad for her! My lipgloss is designer!
Lend her some of mine. I have enough.
Pretend you don't have any on you. You don't really want her to use yours.
She can have a tube of mine and I can buy her a new one after the party.

You're class is going to visit orphans and give them christmas gifts! What do you get them?

Nothing! I can't afford to pay for strangers gifts!
A toiletries bag. And I throw a lipgloss in because she will feel special.
A backpack filled with new underwear and socks. It also has a puzzle and a candy bar. And just for love a little teddy bear.
A few hair clips and a scarf. She'll be ok

Brad is really really hot! He just asked you out on a big date, but he's Mia's boyfriend! What do you do?

Tell Mia and then tell him he's a cheater and put it in the school newpaper.
Don't tell Mia it might make her sad but make sure she stops dating that thing!
He is hot! How can I turn him down? Mia won't mind!
Go on the date but make sure he knows you don't like him!

A homeless man is on the streets he doesn't have his left leg.

Walk on by and pretend you didn't see him
Give him 20$ and buy him a sandwich
Say you don't have any money and make sure he's comfortatble.
Give him 5$ and send him a prayer

Sheeet!!! Pam's period started in the bathroom and you are there! What should you do?

Make sure to take a video and post it on youtube! You have tampons but you're not sure shes needs them
Hand her tissues and let her use a pad. After shes cleaned walk her to the nurse and buy her a couple extras just in case!
Let her borrow a sanitary thing of you're own. You don't want to invade privacy, but you walk her to the nurse after.
Hand her a quarter to buy a tampon. She can deal!

Kira doesn't wear bras because she not too big. She finally gets one and asks you how it looks. What do you say?

Tell her it looks sexy and it really makes her look bigger!
Unsnap the back of it and then throw it away! Believe me it was doing her a favor!!!
Tell her she still looks small and then tell her ways to stuff it.
Tell her shes not ready for a bra. It doesn't really look good on her.