Are you sexy? (3)

Are you sexy? (3)

Are you ok cute ugly or would somebody want to f uck you? Find out with this quiz

published on August 07, 2013206 responses 33 3.5★ / 5

Do you have boobs?

No and the skin looks like chicken
Hell yes and they burst out of all my tops
they are petite yet nice shaped
Um some i guess a little pointy tho

What underwear do you use?

Lacey panties
A yummy thong
Grannie panties or boxers

Do you wear makeup

Just enough
Well yeah if dirt counts
No I don't need it

How often do you masterbate?

In school all the time under the desk
Oh I don't thats wierd
Um yeah when I'm at home
Usually with random objects

What would you do if somebody tried to have sex with you?

Make sure they go slow
They can't forget to lick my asshole
Wake up

Do you look at pornsites

My own
I need to

Have you put the following Items in your vagina?

A penis
A finger
A plastic penis

Ways your specialty?

Blow jobs no other kind fits
I don't
Butt it feels dirty
Steady sex