what kind of person are you? (12)

what kind of person are you? (12)

personality wise, how do you come across to people? keep in mind that this wont always be 100% accurate simply because its coming from one opinion...and this opinion is coming from someone who doesn't know you personally

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some one you don't know says hi..you?

walk away as if I want to talk to her...shes ugly!
ask what
um say hi back?
say wassup!!?
say hey!

favorite color?

bold! ones!
calm ones..i guess?
does it matter?
haha not telling u!
sh...its a secret

what kind of person do u see urself as?

umm idk that's why im taking the quiz..
fun and funny!
life of the party!
I see myself as whatever I want ok...shut up
kinda a mean girl..or boy

with your friends you are?

myself loud goofy crazy
haha I do the most talking
mean they do what I say or they get the boot
I don't like friends
a follower I kinda hang back

your style in outfits normally are?

something crazy to give out a good laugh
bright so I stand out
whatever I want...
whatever I find...something calm
only the latest trends!

will you comment?

on topics I should give a quiz on
on advice while making quizes
what I got as a score
all of the above
none of the above

friend population?

only the best of the best
no one there all scared of me and that's how I like it!
a few
a bunch people love me!(:

what do you think of yourself?

a can be insecure to at times...but bringing smiles to others sometimes boost the confidence!
does it matter?
umm im the best!

did you know that?

I had tones of computer problems and had to..
redo this quiz 50 different times!
so this quiz isn't the best!
but im sowyy):