are you a girly girl, skater kinda chick or a tomboy?

are you a girly girl, skater kinda chick or a tomboy?

which are you? do you find yourself up tot ends with fashion and the latest gossip? or are you more layed back and chill? with the attitude of I could care less...or are you "one of the guys" while you also may be a lot more chill you tend to enjoy a good sport

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laid back
pretty hyper and on top of things!
more chill

how important is your appearance?

10! all the way
about a 5 or 6
3 I kinda just throw something on and call it good

whats a normal outfit for you?

skinny jeans and maybe a graphic t
skirt maybe a dress, sparkly , with my favorite jewlry
maybe some sweats and a t or athletic shorts

keep in mind this test may not always be accurate!

yeah I know
but it might be...

are you going to try my other quizzes? don't lie...



got a few
mostly guys
a bunch!

are you big with sports?

if its my boyfriends game then yea!
does skating count? what about videogames?
totally! im in it to win....or just to have fun
um not reallly

what are your interests?

videogames, sports, a lot of outside activities
skating and videogames
fashion, texting, shopping, etc