Team Edward or Team Jacob....FOR THOSE WHO READ TWILIGHT

Team Edward or Team Jacob....FOR THOSE WHO READ TWILIGHT

hey let's see whose side u r....:P SO R U READY GUYZ!!! AND LIKE AND COMMENT OK ^_^

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If u get a chance what would u be?

Vampire for sure
a were wolf <3
i am not sure idk

If u were a were wolf would u risk ur life to save a vampire??

No..never....infact i will kill him myself
Oh....i will help him without waiting for a second..
i am not sure whether to help him or not

And if u were a vampire would u risk ur life to save a were wolf???

WTF i will never do so...i will kill him morre painfully
yess..y not i willl help that poor fellow's so confusing OMG

If Edward killed Jacob will u still support him---- Edward???

No definately not that evil y he killed jacob?
It depends on how he killed Jacob
Yes!!! Edward forever

If Jacob killed Edward will u still support him--- Jacob???

No WTF Jacob is dead now...i will kill him
Yes!!! I love my Jacob
It depends how he killed Edward

ok so what if Edward Massacred the whole werewolf pack???

course i still would. Edward rocks
i wouldn`t support him even if he just killed one of them
i dont know anything abt it

and what if Jacob massacred the vampire coven??

yess. i would still support him (obviously)
no i would hate him for all of eternity
maybe. i can`t make my mind up

Last question would you rather go out with

Edward ahh
I am a boy

sorry. this is the last question will you

Both ...for sure