are you popular? (3)

are you popular? (3)

are you with the crowd? or one of the outsiders... are you someone they look towards or look with?

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keep in mind that this isn't accurate! popularity cant be measured or truly defined in my opinion...and it shouldn't matter

so true
yup what u said

is being popular important? in your opnion

not really I find it stupid
umm yes! why the stupid question
I guess I mean its cool and and its a good thing in a way
not really a lot of people get left me

your known as?

popular! smart perfect etc
life of the party
im not really known...

what is popularity to you?

being the best...being the hottest and being number one!
just being well known I suppose
defection? me
just being the prettiest and having lots of friends!

you are a?


ur interests consist of?

texting,shopping, talking, fashion, parties
parties or just out with friends
playing pokemon or games like those!

in class you tend to sit

anywhere and anytime
normally by close friends or someone I know

how many friends do you have?

anyone whos anyone is my friend
a few
just a couple close ones
a lot but only a few besties

thanks for taking my quiz!

yup anytime!
haha I was just bored...
Im starting to regret it
well it had the topic I was curios about