What is your warrior life?

What is your warrior life?

Find you warrior cat life! If you like warriors, this quiz is for you!!

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Reedfur (Riverclan's deputy) has crossed the boarder and asked you if he can come to you're camp, you ask for a reason, but he doesn't give you one. You...

Question him again, when he still doesn't give you
one you tell him to go back to his territory.
Tell him if he doesn't give you a reason you'll regard
his crossing the boarder as trespass.
Hold your ground, ask him again, when he doesn't answer take him to camp, it's probably something not all cats can hear.
Growl and ask again, you let your claws slide out, Reedfur glances at you and turns tail for the boarder.
Hiss and spit at him, motion the rest of your patrol and chase him out!

Your clan usually hunts the following:

Mice and squirrels
Blackbirds and Robins
Fish and voles
Rabbits and moorhens!
Frogs and mice

You have an Apprentice! Her name is Barkpaw! You first show her the boundaries then...

The sandy hollow! To practice stalking!
The Great Oak! To practice climbing!
The river! To practice swimming!
The open moor! To practice speed!
The shady hollow! To practice fighting!

There is a battle going on! Your tactic is...

Use my speed to twist around my enemy! Then attack!
Climb into the trees, swoop down and land on my enemies back! Then claw the crap out of him!!
Use my swift claws to deal fast blows to my enemy!
Use brute strength to force my enemy to the ground!
Launch myself straight into the battle biting and clawing at every cat I see an-! OOPS! Sorry Ravenfeather!

You are wounded from the battle, a group of kits come to you and pester you about the battle. You really don't want to talk but you...

Dramatically explain the battle anyway. Leaving out the parts were you got hurt and putting in how you clawed the ear off of a warrior, (exaggerating the entire story)
Quickly tell the story and then shoo the kits away.
Slowly tell the story, pretend it was nothing, and when a kit asks you about your wounds you say its nothing (Really the gash on your flank stings like a fox bite.)
Tell the kits you'll explain it later.
Growl and tell them to pester some one else, (which oh course doesn't work) and stalk away, only to be bothered by them again.

Windclan have been stealing prey!! *Growl* this makes you SO mad! It's hard enough finding food during leaf-bare! Your leader is making a patrol and you are part of it. You get to Windclan camp and challenge them, something in the Windclan leader's voice tells you you aren't getting out without a fight, You...

Nervously sink your claws into the ground, and when the fight comes, you claw and bite like a mad fox!
you mill around at the back of your clan mates. when the fight comes, you make sure no Windclan cats escape!
Take formation at the front of your clan mates and when the fight comes launch yourself at the clan deputy.
Try to reason with the Windclan leader, when the fight comes you launch yourself at him.
Stand beside your leader and glare at the Windclan Warriors. When the fight comes to claw fiercely at the nearest warrior.

You are old, you have served your clan well, Starclan comes for you, you tell them you aren't ready but the persist, you...

Wail and say again that you aren't ready!
Angrily hiss and ask why!
Whisper that you want to stay!
Say you are deeply saddened and again plead to them to let you live longer.
Spit and yowl, "It's not fair!! Let me live longer!!!"