What Element Are You? (4)

What Element Are You? (4)

Find out what element you're most like with this quiz! Are you; air, water, fire, earth?! This quiz is just for girls but I will make a boy version soon! Hope you enjoy! :) PS: Please be truthful with your answers. I promise you, no one can see what you have put... unless they are watching over your shoulder now... Quick check! All good? OK then, lets start...

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How would you describe yourself?

Independent and polite
Calm and kind
I have a bit of a temper but I am confident too!
Intelligent and up for a challenge!

If you were being picked on, what would you do?

Ignore them but occasionally answer back
Try and ignore them and afterwards get really sad and maybe cry
Get really angry and shout at them
Figure out something witty to say to make them feel stupid

What are your favorite colors?

Light colors; light blue, white etc
Blueish colors
Bold colors; red, black etc
Any color that has meaning to me

If someone was making fun of one of your family members or friends, what would you do?

Say something to the bullies and take my family member/friend away from them
Watch them make fun of her/him and feel guilty
Walk over to the bullies, shout at them and take my family member/friend away. I'll deal with them later... >:O
Stand up for him/her and comfort him/her afterwards

What music do you like?

Pop. I love singing along to the songs and dancing in my room
Classical music. It helps me relax
Rock and/or heavy metal. I love pretending I am a guitarist or drummer and rocking out with my hairbrush!
I don't mind. As long as I can sing and/or dance to it!

How old are you?

How old are you?
-6 - 10
11 - 16
17 - 22
23 +

How popular are you?

I am quite popular. I have 5 - 15 friends
I have about 1 - 5 friends
I am very popular. I have 25 + friends
I have about 15 - 25 friends

Finally, what element do you think you are most like/want to be

Finally, what element do you think you are most like/want to be