Which Wreck It Ralph Character are you?

Which Wreck It Ralph Character are you?

Find out which character you are! This quiz will cover the main characters only.

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If someone just does not like you plain and simple, you would...

Ignore them
Try to befriend them
Try to make it right
Despise them as well without a second thought
Ignore them but be conflicted as to why they hate you

If you are in a dangerous situation you...

Get nervous but try to keep your cool
Get violent
Act to your best interests (selfishly)
Do whatever you can
Toughen up and handle the situation without fear

If someone destroyed your hopes and dreams you would...

Cry about it but keep pursuing your dream no matter
Feel shut down and have little motivation to continue
Don't believe a word they say
Destroy them
Ignore them because you don't let anything anyone says
phase you

When you meet new people you...

Stay calm and be cautious of them until you know them
Just be yourself right off the bat
Become nervous
Be cautious of them and to the point (No time for small
talk kind of thinking)
Acknowledge them unless they become a nuisance

If someone had something you wanted (An apple for example) you would...

Take it from them
Ask them for it politely
Take half of it thinking they won't mind
Be blunt and just ask them for it
Ask them how you can get one of your own

When things are too stressful you...

Want to be alone to think about it
Talk with someone about it
Keep it to yourself completely

You are...

a child a heart, anything will make you laugh
a social butterfly, you like to fit in or want to fit in
a loner and do not talk to people often
Popular and like being so

You are as resilient as a...


Can you make friends well?


When you accomplish something you celebrate by...

Getting hyper
Showing off
Quietly praising yourself in your mind