Are You Air, Water, Fire, or Earth?

Are You Air, Water, Fire, or Earth?

Just a fun quiz to see which one you are! Sorry if it isn't perfect, this is only my third quiz! :)

published on August 05, 201360 responses 16 4.4★ / 5

What is or are your favorite colors?

Yellow or White
Blue or Aqua
Purple or Red
Orange or Green

What is your main flaw?

I'm too nice sometimes
I'm not honest with myself
I have a very short temper
I can get a little too hyperactive sometimes

What would people describe you as?

Sweet and friendly
Tough and hyper
Weird yet cool
Funny and a great friend

When something someone does is annoying you, what are you thinking?

I try to think peaceful thoughts
I want to beat them up so badly right now!
I would tell them to cut it out!
Focus my mind on something else

What is your favorite gem?


What is your favorite time of day?

Night time, the stars appear
Bright Day, I love the bright blue sky
Evening, the colors are amazing
Anytime of day is fine

What is your favorite season?


What is your hair color?


What are you most likely doing on a Saturday Afternoon?

Spending time with family or friends
Pulling pranks or swimming
Going for a walk or listening to music
Everyday is different!

What element do you dislike the most?

All are important

What is special about you?

I'm very connected to outer space
I'm very connected to the ocean
I'm very connected to fire and can even see the future sometimes
I'm very connected to animals and nature

What element do you think you are?

Air, something sweet and friendly like that
Water, something tough yet gentle like that
Fire, something fiery yet cool like that
Earth, something fun and peppy like that