What's Your Ideal Hobby?

What's Your Ideal Hobby?

It can be hard to find a hobby you love, but by taking this fun and easy quiz, your ideal hobby will be revealed.

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Do you have a passion for nature and plants?

Yes, it's a part of my everyday life and I love to
get involved.
Yes, but I prefer to observe from a distance.
Not really, I'm more of an indoor person.
I love the outdoors, but I'd rather hike a
mountain than go bird watching.

Do you love getting outdoors?

Yes, you'll never get me inside!
No, I'm allergic to the sun.
Yes, but I prefer to snuggle up in an armchair.
I like being outside, but I'm not very energetic.

Do you consider yourself a fit and healthy person?

Yes, I exercise daily.
Not really, but I don't sit on the couch all day.
My exercising days are behind me now.
I've always been more of an outdoors person
than a technology person, but I don't run.

Are you a creative person?

Yes, everywhere you look in my house, you'll see
something artistic.
I like adding a personal touch to things, but I
prefer to have general guidelines to stick to.
No, I don't have time for that - I'm always
outside having fun.
Yes but I hate the idea of sitting in a cold room
painting when I could be outside.

Do you enjoy making things for yourself?

Does cooking dinner count?
I absolutely love it. Nearly everything I own is
home made.
I like making art to hang in my house, but that's
about it.

In your spare time, would you rather curl up in front of the fire, or go climb a tree?

Definitely get outside. I spend minimal time
I'd probably go and rake my lawn.
I would absolutely grab the TV remote.
I'd probably reach for my sketchpad.